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Security - Secure your Communications
  • Surfing the web and Sharing Personal information over public and private WiFi is very risky because there are security holes between your device and the websites you access.
  • Usernames and passwords used to access your bank accounts, social network accounts, and other confidential accounts can be intercepted and stolen by Hackers.
Protection - Protect your Privacy
  • Hackers target legitimate websites to alter and inject malicious code. Visiting these sites exposes you to theft of your confidential login and passwords and you’re data!
  • Revealing your public IP address gives cyber-criminals an opportunity to launch malicious attacks against your IP address to bring your network and service down.
Privacy - Stop Malware and Malicious Attacks
  • Your public IP address is revealed to every web site you visit.
  • Revealing your public IP address is like posting your home address on a public web site.
  • A public IP address can be used to retrieve your physical address and information about your profile. WiFi hackers can use your IP address to download illegal materials potentially exposing you to law enforcement investigation.
Accessibility - Access Content from Anywhere
  • Accessibility to any web content should be the right of every human being across the globe no matter where they live.
  • Many countries have imposed policies to block their citizens from basic rights to access specific web content on the Internet. China and some countries in the Middle East are among those countries that block Facebook and Twitter and other resources.
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