e-Bank-TBA for Credit Society



This product was developed for total Branch automation of credit Society. It handles all front end and back end operations. It is available in 3 modules [a] Deposits module [b] Loaning module [c] Auxiliary module with options for bill purchases, locker management, remittances, etc.

The software handles the client's information; right from opening a new account either Current Account, Saving Bank Account, or Fixed deposits, issuing cheques, Demand Drafts/Pay Orders and loaning. It is built on VB and SQL server 2000. This has been installed at 50 different Banks at 150+locations. At one site, it is handling 2500 transactions per day, on an average.


Client Server Technology

Setting up a database on a Server and connecting this Server to different clients [users]. The application resides on the client's computer. Using this technology, various applications were developed for various companies.


Web Technology

Developed Internet enabled software for running an MIS System for Bank Managers. This was an added module to be used with e-Bank(C) for tracking information on various Branches.

Stellar Informatics (P) Ltd. has more than 19 years of experience in software development, with a specialization in banking and financial services.